Sunday, 23 January 2011

Everything is looking good

Well ive made some changes and have decided to just train on my own for a while rather than attending an agility club. I do like the dogs to get experience working around other dogs but for the time being we are happier just doing our own thing.

I have finally decided its time to start training Roxy for agility. Ive left it far longer then i ever meant too but she matured very slowly mentally so i just never felt the time was right till now. Also i already have 2 good competing dogs and one who can do the odd run when in the mood so I'm in no rush for anymore right now. Im just working on straight lines, wing wraps , go ons and lefts and rights. She is so sharp and picks up things so quickly so i really have to make an effort to show her the right way first time as any errors i make she remembers and then works the same way next time. Thankfully we really seem to be in tune with each other which is a surprise to me as Ive never really bonded with a bitch in the same way in the past and would normally always choose a dog out of a mixed litter. She also loves what we have done so far and screams in the van if i don't get her out first to train. So far things are looking very promising and she doesn't seem to have the same long out of control stride Cai has, so is much neater and tighter.

The others are all showing some improvement too. Cai's weaves are starting to look quite good and he is now managing to slow to make the entry 90% of the time. Ive also being doing a lot of work on making his turns tighter and we may be getting somewhere. Cant wait to get out and do a few shows now to see where we are at.

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Sparky said...

Missing Beanz. Beanz visit soon? got more slippers for youz! Well done Cai bones! x